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I’m already doing all the blogging I have time for: none.

I set up a blog years ago, a blog that was supposed to give me the opportunity to publish my observations about things most dear to me.

My wife and I started an anonymous blog (not hyperlinked, but on WordPress) that was supposed to start discussions with (especially) our co-religionists about how to live an ethical life that was still cool.

And you know what progress I’ve made on those? Zilch.

I would rather be doing the living than writing about it. I have a wife and two fab daughters to spend time with, a religious body to participate in, occasional civic-interest groups to attend, and a social group of hard-core SNAGs. When I’m not involved with any of those things — or working — I like to get a bit of sleep.

Part of me would like to be a blogger, but I don’t have the ego for it. What do I have to say that’s so important I should give up part of my life?


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